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Monday, March 12, 2007

Tornadic Conspiracy?-Ricks dream

just the other night, i dream that i'm driving down an interstate, in the car with a couple of people whom it's not clear if i know that well, but we're driving along
I have myself in complete control. I have myself transitioning through pathways of connection. I am with others, not alone, but independent in anonymity.

and up ahead we see this big, black tornado heading our way. other cars are pulling off, so i do, too, but there's no ditch on the side of the highway (i grew up in tornado country, you're supposed to park your car and lie down in the deepest ditch you can find), so we get out of the car and we start walking up the embankment on the side of the road.
In the future looms darkness, destruction and massive foreboding.I have myself stalled and seeking escape from the destruction (winds often represent the mind or thought processes). I place my trust in others to gather security in my path, the process is to escape danger by taking a higher plane or spiritual path.

we can see this thing getting closer and stuff is swirling around in it, and it's jet black and making that tornado noise...
so, the "tornado" gets closer and as it gets right up near us,
The closer I get to my fears the closer I come to conquering them. (This is the terrifying part of the nightmare before you wake up and are released from it.)

it turns out that it's not a tornado, it's a truck towing this big, funky trailer with some kind of crazy contraption on it, and the gizmo is producing this vortical black cloud because of some kind of malfunction, and the things we see flying off it are parts that are being thrown up into the cloud, and we're all relieved and think it's kind of funny.

All is not as it appears, powerful structures are out of control and actually so lame that they are almost funny, but still possibly dangerous.
It appears there is a manipulation of the mind by dark forces. This is the brainwashing technique of politicians to make humans afraid of one another. It is fabricated. Human beings are on top of the food chain, they are not in a survival of the fittest Darwinian drama. Humans must be convinced that the "other" humans are going to kill them in order for mass mentality to be able to justify committing acts of mass-murder/war. Have you been thinking about the conspiracy theory of scientists being able to create destructive weather patterns? This seems like a strong possibility to me and as an interpretation of this dream. What do you think?

next day, i wake up and turn on the radio, and there are all these people dead in alabama, and general destruction from tornadoes all over the south (including new orleans, from which i've just returned), and tornadoes are pretty rare in the south in the winter.(I'm sticking to the fact that you are a psychic dreamer and the weather conspiracy theory too)


Jerri said...

Just fascinating, Stacy.

I wish we lived near one another. I'd love to sit with you over tea and talk about the world and all we find in it.

Anonymous said...


Stacy said...

A: I don't think Rick knows you; sober up! That's his dream and then there's this. We were friends? I don't remember that.
Stealing people, what a concept. Maybe I should let him out of the shakles and see if he runs back to you.

Stacy said...

Tate really liked my response here. This is the one where we were sure you were neither her nor son. I apologize for any bad things I may have said about either of them. I think they are okay people, but it isn't my place to judge them. Keep reading. I think you like me!