when words fail me, which is often, I paint. When words work for me and are available on time, I am surprised.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New Orleans, the future New Atlantis

This from my talented and beautiful friend Rick Prose in Maine. Please pass it on , or at least let him know if you appreciate his work. Thank you Rick, thank you for giving a damn!
below is a link to a short video i just posted to youtube, watch it and pass it along. i'm still working the bugs out of the compression process, so the quality is not the best, especially the titles.
(please copy and paste the link below.)


Rick Prose
Station Manager
Boothbay Region Community Television
PO Box 500
Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538


Jerri said...

On my way. Thanks.

Jerri said...

Absolutely incredible. Who would believe our government would allow such a travesty to continue?

To rebuild would take the same amount of money we spend in Iraq in 2 months. Now, isn't that a sobering thought.

Thank you for sharing this link. Thank Rick for me, too. I've got some thinking to do here.