when words fail me, which is often, I paint. When words work for me and are available on time, I am surprised.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Meru Rocks!

I know I just posted a link to a great video yesterday but Avi called me early this morning to see if I had checked out this link he sent me. I have linked it in recommended sites under MERU. This is fascinating. It's 30 minutes long, I will forewarn you, but post it somewhere safe for when you have the time. Awesom, really.

Besides, my dreams have been incredibly fractured and work related lately (boring). If anyone wants to email or post in comments, a dream to interpret , I'd be happy to look into them with you.


Michelle O'Neil said...

last night I dreamt of chocolate.
Cupcakes with melted chocolate for frosting, and I was dropping handfuls of resees cups and hershey's chocolate into the melted chocolate frosting, swirling them around.

I woke up before I got even one damn bite!


Jerri said...

Can't wait to have the time for this. Loved the last vid you posted.

If you're serious about the dream thing, I've got a doozy of a dream I'll send you. It's from a couple of weeks ago, but it was so vivid and strange that I wrote down everything I could remember of it.

BTW--love that the art from your profile is "acrylic and pokeberries."

Stacy said...

Love to look into it Jerri, let me know if you want an anonymous or public interpretation. You can email me or post comment in here somewhere. I am very serious about the dream thing. Thanks for comments on my portrait. Sometimes I paint with beet juice :)

rick said...

okay, this has happened twice in the last month, and i don't have what you'd call any sort of psychic abilities, so i'll let you explain it...
#1) about a month ago. i have this dream where i'm watching a guy in a plane driving the plane around on a frozen lake. he's jumping over snow banks and twirling around like mad, and i'm sort of hovering over the scene and the knowledge comes to me that this guy will rent his plane out to people, not to fly, but to sort of just spin around on this frozen lake and it looks like fun (i hate to fly, but the idea of spining around like crazy sounded okay), so in that dream-like way that these things get done, i'm suddenly talking to my friend mike and asking him if he wants to go in with me to rent the plane. on the lake there are, in addition to the snowbanks the guy is jumping over, all the stuff you'd expect to find on a frozen lake in maine - fish shacks, trucks, snowmobiles, etc..
mike says it sure looks like fun, but since he just had open heart surgery (that part's true, quadruple bypass out of the blue, and he's healthier than i am) he didn't feel like he could take all the jiggling.
well, the next morning, i'm taking my daughter, celeste, to school, and on maine public radio comes a story about a guy who just the day before was taking off in a small plane from a snow-covered rural airfield, and he loses a wheel from his plane and ended up running out onto a lake and spinning around, and almost hit some guy's fish shack, and only stopped finally because he ran into a pickup parked on the ice.

okay, #2
just the other night, i dream that i'm driving down an interstate, in the car with a couple of people whom it's not clear if i know that well, but we're driving along and up ahead we see this big, black tornado heading our way. other cars are pulling off, so i do, too, but there's no ditch on the side of the highway (i grew up in tornado country, you're supposed to park your car and lie down in the deepest ditch you can find), so we get out of the car and we start walking up the embankment onthe side of the road. we can see this thing getting closer and stuff is swirling around in it, and it's jet black and making that tornado noise...
so, the "tornado" gets closer and as it gets right up near us, it turns out that it's not a tornado, it's a truck towing this big, funky trailer with some kind of crazy contraption on it, and the gizmo is producing this vortical black cloud because of some kind of malfunction, and the things we see flying off it are parts that are being thrown up into the cloud, and we're all relieved and think it's kind of funny.
next day, i wake up and turn on the radio, and there are all these people dead in alabama, and general destruction from tornadoes all over the south (including new orleans, from which i've just returned), and tornadoes are pretty rare in the south in the winter.
what does this all mean?

Stacy said...

I'll hit the symbolism tommarrow Rick, but to me, it means YOU ARE A Psychic dreamer in seeing events before they happen in the 3d world.