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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Diamond Teeth

Today is my early day, which means I didn't have time to journal last nights dreams.I can't say they were extremely significant nor vivid, but there is something interesting about the diamond wedding rings I was wearing on my left hand. There were two, Tate had given them to me. For some strange reason, I was wearing them on my front teeth for a little bit. The interesting thing about these rings is that I don't really like diamonds, even in my dream. I thought to myself "they really are sparkly and bright, but so overrated and way too decadent, not to mention mined by destitute workers." But, I noticed everyone I saw, my sister, friends, etc., immediately saw the rings when they saw me and that some how gave me power and recognition. My brother(who is very much like my twin), was telling me that he needed some time apart from me, so he wouldn't get bored.And then there was my very upscale hair salon in a wooden framed indoor mall.

Without actually working this one, I am guessing that the symbolism has alot to do with the fact that I refer to Tate as my husband these days, without the current lifetime document nor ceremony. Tate and I were married a long time ago; the year was 632 AD. I tell clients about him several times per day to avoid the unnecessary dance with available men. Also involved is the false perception that women are nothing without a man that continues to swirl around the old psyche of humanity.
Anyone have a recurring dream to post?

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Jerri said...

My teeth fall out. Over and over in dreams centered around all sorts of stories, my teeth fall out.

Weird? Yes!