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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Blackout Makeout?

Avi suffers from stage fright. When he was a little kid on stage with his 2nd grade class singing Christmas songs, I was sure he was going to pass out. He'd turn white as a ghost. I felt unfaithful to him. I felt like a bad mom. I knew he didn't want to sing for the other moms, but I convinced him to get up there with his peers. It wasn't him, the kid stuff. He's a genius.
I can't say I get the name. I do get the promotional statements.
About blackout makeout
BLACKOUT MAKEOUT, hailing from Charlottesville, Virginia, is a four piece rock band who appeals to a wide range of underage, impressionable females. Their extreme good looks is one of the main reasons for BLACKOUT MAKEOUT being one of the hottest underground bands on the East coast. BLACKOUT MAKEOUT consists of George on vocals with his kate moss-like, supermodel body, Avi on keys despite his lack of keyboard, "Ohh...oh..Hooowward" on guitar, and John who surprisingly resembles a blend of Buddy Holly, Bob Sagget and Brad Pitt on drums.

Look out for their new hit single, "JAILBAIT SOULMATE" which will be available on itunes in the very near future. Probably

Avi plays the piano, the violin, the saxophone, the accordion and anything else he can get his hands on, unless he is performing. After his juried accordion performance at U.Mass. last year, his professor asked him how he felt. "Miserable or terrible" ?
Avi replied "Worse".
A few weeks ago he called to tell me his band was booked at a local venue hall in April.
"What band?"
One of his friends threw their hat in the ring, got accepted and then he put together the band. Blackout Makeout, April 22, is going to be something. http://www.myspace.com/blackoutmakeout

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