when words fail me, which is often, I paint. When words work for me and are available on time, I am surprised.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gray Days call for This; Part II

Avalanche of too funny
A visit to geniusMr. Tom's blog brought this fabulous piece of performance art to my attention; Mr. Tom rocks too. Thanks Mr. Tom.

Post script: my sons tell me this is way old news and mock me for being so out of synch- whatever, its funny!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Yes We Did!

I wonder how many people have titled their blog the same title yesterday; I have not checked into any other blogs today- anyhoo-

Tuesday, THE Election of my lifetime day, it is raining.
Rain usually means Tate does not go to work and most of those rainy days we get to play.
He wakes me up and tells me it is getting late; let's go vote.
I look at the clocks which have not been set to daylight savings time (I do not want to shock my system so I wait until the biological clock gets with the program)and say it is really an hour earlier, maybe only 7.
He lies and tells me he reset the clock and I believe him.(now he denies this little fib)
But let's go vote! Yes.
I jump out of bed and get dressed. I grab my camera and we drive to the Waltons Mountain Museumto vote.(I love the museum and there are no lines and we do not have to pay to tour today, but I have to take off my hat with the Obama button, YES, I was told I had to take off my hat because of the button on it, even though there were mcCain/Palin (gag me) signs all over the front lawn.
I took off my hat, we voted.
I forgot to take a picture of the event, it was raining pretty hard.
All afternoon I watched the election coverage on news networks. I became obsessive and nervous, really nervous.
Foot tapping, sweating, agitated.
As I watched Obama vote for himself, I cried real tears.
Tate realized I was a nervous wreck and came up with a few distraction techniques, which did distract for a bit.
Evening time came, PARTIAL polls were being announced which infuriated me.
McCain was ahead in nearly every state that was announced in the time of my falling asleep.
I became despondent- Not again! I pulled the blankets over my head and wept quietly until I fell asleep.
The TV was still on.
Two Oclock in the morning (not daylight savings time)
I roll over and out of my sleep and become aware of the voice of the announcer on the television proclaiming the official count is in and Barack Obama is the 44th president of the US!
I cannot even count how many times I have spontaneously burst into tears in the past 2 days. Yes my friends for the very first time in my lifetime I am proud of my country and my president; the very first time in my 43 years.
Blessed be.
Yes we can!