when words fail me, which is often, I paint. When words work for me and are available on time, I am surprised.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Street Art, Joshua Allen Harris


Once again I believe it is time tochange my blog. I am not really writingmuch these days- mostly due to this new notebook's inability to space. See it? My dinosaur Cadillac laptop is about cooked from age and abuse, college papers and too many images saved. This tiny notebook was not a wise solution.
Now that school is out for a while, I am returning my focus to painting.
I am giving up Midwifing. A recent experience convinced me birthing is not in the cards for me, not now, maybe never.
I am not in any trouble but I can not discuss the particulars- another reason I have not been writing
Seems everything I want to write about could get me into trouble.
I am taking a break from my fiddle lessons with Ms. Mary- I just need a break.
I work when I have to and am going back to paint.
I'll be checking in now and then with you writer bloggers.
I hope to be pleased with my work enough that I will confidently be able to post it here-
in my revamped site
and maybe even sell a piece or two on Amazon or Ebay.
Thanks for your patience, and everything else about you.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dream about a Dream

What is interesting sometimes is to discuss a previous dream in a current dream and watch the ways in which reality and dream realities intertwine. In a dream a few nights ago, I was discussing my painting of my dream "Swimming Naked in Italian Canal" ( I know- you haven't seen it, it is sketched in a previous post, scroll down a bit)with dream researcher and department head of dream and psychic research for the Edgar Cayce Institute, The ARE, Henry Reed. I have taken Henry's dream interpretation and dream quest course in the past and found it a fascinating journey.
Anyway- in this dream,Henry is a travelling art expert, he is critiquing people's art and it is my turn. He makes a few statements about its mediocrity and how I only get $300.00 per painting (not good enough).
next part is very cool because I tell him, in the dream, the painting is of the dream where I am swimming naked through the canal. . .
I explain to henry I am getting hung up on the details of the painting and am getting stuck, it does not flow as it should.
Henry takes a piece of drawing chalk? and quickly draws the skyline, he tells me to let go and paint , loosen up and just do it as if I was sketching.
The next day, I returned to my canvas after feeling quite trapped in it. I took a piece of chalk and fled across the canvas and the painting began to take a positive shape- to me means it is making me happy and I like to work on it.

A few days later, today, I emailed Henry and told him about this experience. he reminded me with this video to look again at the dream and the painting with respect to the action and the meaning of the dream , not so much on the environmental details, background etc.
Tomorrow when I get a chance to paint again all day, I already know where changes are going to be made.
Henry is a fabulous teacher.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Remey In the River

Here is a pastel sketch of my nephew. He is adorable, no beautiful, and unfortunately is being used as a pawn in his parents nasty little war. The biggest losers in this battle- 2 kids. Why do adults act so irresponsibly when there are beautiful ( or ugly for that matter) KIDS at stake? Why?

Friday, June 05, 2009

Belmont House (Sketch)

Now that I have finished my BA, I am working on completing all requirements for the grad school program I want to participate in. This means beginning art classes.Funny? Not really. I have been painting since I can remember being alive and never felt the need to take painting classes. Now they are required and one can always learn more.What is even better is the fact my current intro to painting teacher is a personal friend of mine and she has separated her class into 2 sections. Those of us who already have experience with paint (5 out of 20) are allowed to simply paint what we wish and to join critiques with the beginners. I love having the time to paint as a requirement. My goal is to complete at least four paintings which please me in the next 8 weeks.
Anywho- Michelle ONeil of Full Soul-Ahead (the only reader of this blog at this point) suggests I post my work and make it available for sale.
I have been creating pastel sketches of the paintings I am preparing to work on and have considered selling the sketches for a mere 25.00 each. I have paypal. Anyone interested?
Here is a possible next piece; Belmont House, pastel sketch- $25.00