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Monday, March 05, 2007

"Stimpy my nerve endings"

I don't know if any of you were fortunate enough to have had children during the height of the popularity of the Ren and Stimpy show or not. If you have never seen this bulldog and horrific chihuahua, let me tell you, sometimes they were funny. They were potty funny as I recall, like farts and stinky stuff kid funny. I allowed the rude show to be viewed until the day that Ren, or was it Stimpy, was having a very difficult time with his nerve endings falling out. You see these nerve endings were in the place where teeth used to be so Ren didn't have a toothache, he had a nerve ending ache. That was too much for my nerve endings to handle. To the sound of my giggling son's protests,I turned the t.v. off.
Jerri commented on the recurring theme of teeth falling out in dreams. Most of us have had this one at least once.
Standing at a cocktail party, dressed in fine attire, hair all swooped up and talking to a handsome man and oh my! My front tooth fell out.
Not alot of fun, contrary to the kids opinion of the Ren and Stimpy act.
"Your bark is bigger than your bite" when your teeth fall out. Of course because you don't have any teeth, you have no bite. This doesn't mean that you can't hurt someone in your current position, but you are loosing power in the situation or are feeling powerless in the given situation.
As an aside: I tried to place a comment on Jerri's On The Pond Blog (can't link but it's on the recommended sites over there) but the format screen wouldn't scroll down far enough to allow me to. Is Mercury still retrograde?
I said: "Whoa, I thought my life was weird. I agree with Carrie, you've got a great book in there."

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Jerri said...

I DID have a child during the Ren & Stimpy phase AND I remember the nerve endings episode. We turned it off, too. How strange.

Thanks for the dream interpretation. It sounds pretty right on. In my teeth dreams, it's not just one tooth, it's several and I keep trying to put them back in or deal with the problem in one way or another. Never works though, they just keep falling out.

Yeah, I know. Twisted.

Thanks for the comment, too. People seem interested, so I guess I'll just keep writing this stuff. I've sure been having fun digging through my memories.