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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Frozen Lake; Rick Dreams

rick said...
okay, this has happened twice in the last month, and i don't have what you'd call any sort of psychic abilities, so I'll let you explain it...
#1) about a month ago. i have this dream where
I'm watching a guy in a plane driving the plane around on a frozen lake.

I have myself observing someone much like myself hovering above frozen emotions and feelings.

he's jumping over snow banks and twirling around like mad, and I'm sort of hovering over the scene and the knowledge comes to me that this guy will rent his plane out to people, not to fly, but to sort of just spin around on this frozen lake and it looks like fun (i hate to fly, but the idea of spinning around like crazy sounded okay),

The man who is like me is jumping and moving in a freeing swift and fluid motion and I am hesitating to participate in this freeing anti gravity dance because I have a deep inner awareness of the part of this that I will dislike, but if I pay a price, temporarily, I can, like a corkscrew begin to crack the surface of the frozen feelings and sea of subconscious, not for the purpose of spiritual gain or enlightenment but for the sake of being free from the responsibilities that keep me in my frozen emotional state. In a sense I allow myself to run free in my mind, but i know if I act on my wishes, it will cause me intense pain

so in that dream-like way that these things get done, I'm suddenly talking to my friend mike and asking him if he wants to go in with me to rent the plane. on the lake there are, in addition to the snowbanks the guy is jumping over, all the stuff you'd expect to find on a frozen lake in Maine - fish shacks, trucks, snowmobiles, etc..

I am communicating with (define Mike here: my friend who...)and I question my friend (who is my age and appears healthy but suddenly has a life threatening condition)if he would be willing to enter this temporary vehicle to escape gravity or the heavy stuff that keeps me from experiencing freedom. All the normal, mundane ground vehicles and houses that cannot transcend gravity.

mike says it sure looks like fun, but since he just had open heart surgery (that part's true, quadruple bypass out of the blue, and he's healthier than i am) he didn't feel like he could take all the jiggling.

My friend, who appears similar to me on the outside, or is a part of me, expresses aloud that although he can see there is release and freedom in sight, his heart cannot stand up to the challenge of releasing those frozen feelings, it is too dangerous, the ups and downs and all of the intense vibrations.

Read the bold statements only and determine whether or not this dream may be saying something to you that you had not expected.

well, the next morning, I'm taking my daughter, Celeste, to school, and on Maine public radio comes a story about a guy who just the day before was taking off in a small plane from a snow-covered rural airfield, and he loses a wheel from his plane and ended up running out onto a lake and spinning around, and almost hit some guy's fish shack, and only stopped finally because he ran into a pickup parked on the ice.

Well my friend, perhaps you are creating some other person's reality while you dream. Hey, can you try creating this one? "My friend Stacy has won the jackpot on a mega million lottery, she didn't even purchase a ticket! Amazing!
Thank you for your courage in posting
. Love-s

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