when words fail me, which is often, I paint. When words work for me and are available on time, I am surprised.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Hawaii Dreaming

Yesterday morning, I am in Hawaii. On a winding road, the cerulean blue ocean down below. Indigo swirls, the wind is warm and gentle. I am on the edge of the ocean, I tell Tate that the water is warm.
He said, "Stace, it's 7:00. We overslept."
ERRRR, it's Sunday. I have agreed to attend a new agey health and healing conference/exhibition at the Omni Hotel in town. I am feeling a bit stressed about the whole thing. It's the time of the month where I need to be left alone, in my body and mind. I have only one day off these days, it's Sunday. I agreed to sit at the booth with a friend when she asked me several weeks ago. Who knew then how much I would have wanted to stay in my dreams that day?
Skipping to the point.
I arrived a bit late, no problem.
There were nearly 30 presenters at the expo. As we were setting up, I witnessed our neighbor's table being set with pretty flowers and an interesting sign.
I wandered over to greet an attractive, grey haired and pretentiously upright man. He said, "Are you interested in your dreams"?
He's a Phd.Psychologist. He teaches people to understand the meanings of animals in their dreams.
I laughed at first. That's like asking a crack addict if they want to smoke some crack today.
I told him I have been recording my dreams since I was 15 years old. That I went to a hypnotist when I was 17 in order to recall a dream where I was speaking in a language I was unfamiliar with.I informed him that I have taken classes with Henry Reed, the head of dream and psychic research for the A.R.E.
He said he's never heard of Henry.
He said he used Jungian archetypes.
Jung believed that Jews were mentally and physically inferior people. I wouldn't be too proud of trusting Jung's insights.
I told him that I was in Hawaii last night and was a little miffed at having to leave in order to be here.
He sneered in my general direction, he avoided any further conversation with me and seemed threatened when I conversed with the attendees (several are friends I haven't seen in some time). I was at the Sensory Learning Institutes booth. I wasn't talking to the people about the meaning of their dreams. He didn't seem to be impressed with my interest in "his " subject at all.
I'd rather be on the Ocean in Hawaii, where the water is warm and I am with my love. I am totally sick of pretentious, egoists and hierarchies.


Jerri said...

15? You were self-aware enough to start recording your dreams at 15? Wow.

Do you think he might have been threatened? Sounds like a possiblity.

Your stories are fascinating, Stacy. How did you come to study these things? What has been leading you? I'd love to hear more.

Michelle O'Neil said...

So sad because he probably could have learned a lot from you.

Wonder what he was so afraid of?

I did not know that about Jung?

Stacy said...

I recently learned this about Jung in one of my textbooks for cross cultural counseling. Who knew? Freud the cocaine addict and Jung the anti- semite. Our western modern psychology heros.