when words fail me, which is often, I paint. When words work for me and are available on time, I am surprised.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Black Taxi

In order to keep the dream interpretation ball rolling, I would like to add to the Hawaii dreaming info;

my favorite and only brother is currently in Hawaii. He is not vacationing, nor living the Howlie life, he was hired by a man in Oregon, where he lives, to fly to Hawaii to build the man a house. My brother can barely afford to pay his telephone bill most of the time.

I believe in the phenomena of Chimera. We share DNA and blood cells passed from the womb to mother to child to subsequent child. This is a scientific biological explanation for the fact that I can see Hawaii from my dreams while I am in Virginia, while my brother walks on sandy shores and the way I knew about the crime.

Three years ago, Wiley my oldest son was 19. He had moved into an apartment with a friend. It wasn't the Taj Mahal, but it was decent enough. Wiley was in the throes of his post adolescent rage against me and all the mistakes I had made in being his mom. He was punishing me. He rarely called nor would he think about coming home to visit, not even for dinner. I allowed him his freedom. I only called him once a month, when I was up for a little abuse.

I had a terrifying nightmare. I was on the top of a tall cliff. On the street below there was a black car with two men in it driving by.I fell or maybe I lept and was falling through the air. Instead of jolting awake, I began to move horizontally to the right hand side of my psyche.
I saw a gun. I started to scream, "They're trying to shoot Wiley!" over and over again and then I woke in a heart pounding panic.

The next day, I made the hour long journey to my office. When I was halfway there, I remembered my nightmare from the night before.
I called his cell phone.
He answered the phone with this;

"Mom, I was robbed at gunpoint yesterday."

Later when we were together he told me the story of a strange phone call while he was napping. The knock at the door. The gun in his face. The thoughts running through his head as the robber instructed him to sit on the sofa while he rummaged through the apartment. The thoughts of his imminent and untimely murder.He told me about the man leaving his apartment and getting into a black older model taxi where one other man was waiting for him. He cried, alligator tears. I did too.

I am blessed in many ways.


Jerri said...

Amazing, Stacy. You ARE blessed. You're also a blessing.

I remain fascinated by your mind and how you tune into these things. I really, really want to hear more. Lots, lots more.

Matt said...

My greatest urban accomplishment was outrunning four youths who put a gun to my head.

They did not get my $9.

Stacy said...

Matt, if I was your mother, i hope you wouldn't tell me about this!