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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Off With Her Head!

It's funny to me, that line. But it's spoken by the wrong Queen. The Queen of Hearts. She can be a cold hearted one if you misunderstand her. She is really ordering people to think through their hearts, not their heads, rule from the heart. That's the key isn't it?

The Death trump reversed, slipping into depression and stagnation due to the loss of creative energy outlets to responsible pursuits.

The key to resolving this dynamic or moving out of it was the Queen of Wands, or fire.

A few years ago, before I began a dream quest and interpretation class with Dr. Henry Reed from the ARE, I had this intensely vivid nightmare:

I am running through the snow completely naked. I am barefoot and it is night time. The ice topped snow hurts my feet and ankles as I break through the crust of the snow with each running step. I am feverishly gathering frozen female corpses in my arms like cord wood. It is my job to gather them and I have several in my arms and am running out of energy.
I enter a brick house, I seem to have been invited in by a man. There is a large brick fireplace and the fire is thawing the bodies and my feet.I am standing in a puddle of water. People are gathering to share great food cooked on the fire and beer.

I considered leaving it up to you to interpret, but I think it would be easier if I just told you what I know. To be an artist is to hang exposed on a wall, naked. The artist runs through stagnation or frozen creativity (frozen parts of self). She is rescuing them from oblivion, she enters a strong structure with a foundation of brick. Fires burn, friends share food and drink. She thaws in the warmth of hearth and home.

In readings, the Queen of Wands asks you to think and feel as she does. For example: Do you feel attractive? Do you believe in yourself? Are you full of energy? Can you shake off the blues? Are you gung ho about life?

I'm going to focus on the warm blessings in my life and home, what I always wanted, I now have. That's the key to getting unstuck. When that voice says I am not good enough, I am going to be the Queen of Fire, hear me roar!


Jerri said...

Your dream interpretations are always a treat, Stacy. This one's as great as always.

I didn't know that about the Queen of Hearts--the "think with their hearts rather than their heads" thing, I mean.

Let's agree to do that as much as humanly possible. It'll make for much richer lives, I think.

Thanks for this one.

Winter said...

Can you suggest a good book for dream interpretation?