when words fail me, which is often, I paint. When words work for me and are available on time, I am surprised.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Miss Pan

I am flying over rivers;

My father walking down below.

"How did you learn to fly?" he and his companions ask.

"I practiced in a dream" and I recall the dream while in a dream.

I swoop and spin, it's so much fun to fly through the trees, over high wires.

"Stace, it's dangerous, I wish you wouldn't." My father shouts from the ground as he falls into the river, sinking.

"Don't say it. Don't tell me I can't fly. If I believe you, I will fall"

Descending slowly, tuning him out.

Determined to rise again.


Jerri said...

There is Truth here, Stacy. We must believe in order to fly. We must fly despite the doubts and fears of others.

Great dream story. Any interpretation?

Stacy said...

You got it Jerri. My father was my emotional saving grace as a child, he was the good guy while mom was , well...
He did have a way of stifling my dreams when I was younger though. If I wanted to fly, to be a writer or an artist, he would say that was "Crazy". I could do anything I wanted as long as it was become a doctor.
I decided to be crazy instead, but that's another story.
He wanted me to play it safe, because he loved me then and now, but I wish I wouldn't have listened sometimes. Maybe I am Dumbo instead of Pan.

Jerri said...

Whoa, Stacy. this must be a tough day.

You are not Dumbo, my friend. Couldn't be further from it, in fact.

You are a woman who knows how to fly--with or without a magic feather.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

I'm reminded of Icarus...

Michelle O'Neil said...

Yes it is often the very people who love us that stifle us. They want to protect.

Every parent does it to some extent.

I need you to be "this way" in order for ME to feel better.

God, help me not do this so much!

Stacy said...

J-Not too bad, just the interpretation and the struggle to live your dream and follow your bliss vs. be responsible, over and over again. . .
3rdworst favorite- yes
Michelle-Yes, it is so scary being a parent sometimes.

rick said...

when i see a blog posting of yours that i particularly like, i go to the comments section and see what others have written in response.
this doesn't thrill me, really, as a selfish person i rarely care what others have to say, with the exception of you and a couple others. but, i've started looking at their profiles to get an idea who these people are, which is pointless, because a profile does not a person make.
but, the one thing i noticed was "thirdworstscreenname, etc." listed her favorite movies and over half of them were on my personal list (which shall remain unpublished, as i also have a fear of crowds), so i wonder what this means. i then looked at her blog and found it quite amusing. i guess i have to get over this judging people by their screen names thing, if i want to survive in the information age.
so much to learn...

Stacy said...

Me too Rick, that's why she's there. I have wondered if she wasn't me, a part of me that is incredibly creative and blogs while I am in an altered state, as I can't remember being so smart and funny. You know, you can't see her face, it's possible. Check out Mist at Must get Hobby, definitely not me, but how I wish I could write like that.