when words fail me, which is often, I paint. When words work for me and are available on time, I am surprised.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

And The Walls, Come Tumbling Down

Note- This is actually yesterday's post; I held it back in order to deal with the gooey, dark mess that invaded my site yesterday.

In an ancient brick Georgian city home

-there was a large implosion and the roof and walls collapsed on the top floor of the city house I was living in. The upstairs was where my mother / ex-mother in law slept.
Looking up after the enormous bang made me dizzy. So high up, no roof, no walls, skyscraper tall.

I head for the steps to ascend,
a voice tells me it is dangerous, but I must save what is precious to me.

I sort through a chest of items and only take one little trinket. There is really nothing of matter, that seems too important anymore. It's not the stuff that matters.

Out on the street I am telling people about the implosion.
I look up at the building, I am dizzied by the sight of it again.

Yesterday evening after work, I discussed this strange dream with Tate. We seemed to agree the symbolism centered on my mothers imminent return to living in the U.S. She's been in Europe for eleven years.

But then, last night, he woke up and said his body hurt.
He fainted and hit the floor with a huge thud.
He awoke crying saying he didn't feel good.
My mental and physical shelter, the walls that hold me,my heart and my soul, securely, came crashing down in an instant.
I thought he had a stroke.
My sky imploded.
I got dressed.
It was damn scary.
He refused to go to the hospital.
I didn't know whether to call an ambulance or not.
I helped him to bed.
He finally fell asleep. I am calling the doctor anyway, he thinks he has a flu.
Omens this morning
Loud sirens as never heard before in our neighborhood in the woods.
I start the car, set the emergency brake, and walk towards the basement to collect laundry.
Emergency Brake slips and car begins to roll towards house headed straight for the free standing propane tanks.
I jumped in through the passenger's door, just in time and pulled the brake.

(Doc. notes:Tate is fine. He has a flu bug in his chest and he coughed himself into this state)


Jerri said...

So glad and relieved to hear Tate is okay.

The omens? Either the car thing is a sign of impending danger or one of your ability to handle tough situations. You did, after all, manage to stop the car quite effectively and with no damage to person or property.

Me--I'd choose to see it as the latter. Stuff happens, but you're equal to life's challenges.


Michelle O'Neil said...

Yike's Stacy!

Glad he is okay.