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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Animal Mind Dreams

I discovered this comment from Matt of Animal Mind on Mystic Wings post this morning.
I enjoy getting a glimpse into the male writer's psyche. Same coin, different side.
Both men are fantastic writers with original perspectives.Mystic has been revealing his dreams and interpretations recently and Matt has given me permission to copy and look into his dream comment:

"I still recall a dream I had a dozen years ago in which I fired a machine gun into the sky, causing giant white birds to rain down to earth.(Matt)"

Now to work this short excerpt which is laden with symbolism:

I have myself aiming a power full weapon of mass destruction, rage, murder at the heavens and God. I actively attempt to kill God.
Messages of peace, purity,and love fall like symbolic raindrops from the house of the spirit.

See Matt? You say you are an Atheist. Now why? It seems at the time of the dream, which is very significant to you as you still remember it vividly, you are angry with this God you do not believe in. This is the where was God when? question. The Job question. What was going on for you 12 years ago? What were you realizing about the limitations of this omnipotent being? How did God hurt you and make you so angry?
Seems as though the message is of unconditional love being the answer from God. No matter how ugly, angry, ignorant or murderous your actions towards this God, God returns nothing but love, peace, purity.
Seems to be a pertinent lesson for both of us right now, disengage, be peace.-out

Animal Mind and Mystic Wing are in my favorite links.


Matt said...

That's an interesting interpretation.

I remember a few years earlier the moment I'd lost my faith, after having been raised Catholic w/ parochial school and service on the alter.

And I still remember the moment I first realized I was not one of these godlike beings shepherding the lower animals on earth but actually one of them.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Wow Stacy. I love your dream interpretations.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

I used to be really into dream interpretation.

But then I started sleeping so little, there was scarcely time.

For dreams. Or interpretations.

Jerri said...

Your dream interpretations are always fascinating, Stacy, but this one seems brilliant.

Thank you for sharing your abundant talents with us.