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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Code Pink Slip

I can't make this assignment, I wish I could. If anyone out there, men included could take my place, I'd be grateful. Please let me know if you will go and then where you were so I can find you in the historical photo.

CODEPINK has been calling for a "pink slip" to Bush and Cheney for years- and now's the time to do it! Join CODEPINK DC, A28 Coalition, World Can't Wait and many others as we participate in a nationwide message to IMPEACH (Bush, Cheney, the lot of them). We will be joining on the Mall to use our bodies to spell out the word that has been on all of our minds and lips! CODEPINK has offered to take the "C" in IMPEACH and pink it up!

On April 28, in major actions across the country, CODEPINKers will be lying in "C" formation. Aerial photos of our human mural will be taken from the top of the Washington Monument. So bring your pink slip (or even better, wear it!) and your friends to the Mall this Saturday for an Impeachment Picnic!

When: Saturday, April 28th 10:30 am-1:00 pm. Photo is at noon, so please show up by 11:30am at the latest!
Where: The Mall between 14th and 15th St., just east of the foot of the Washington Monument. Smithsonian Metro stop (orange/blue line).
CODEPINK Meet Up will be on the North side of the area, just look for the big pink sign!
What to bring: Wear your pink, a blanket or two, a picnic, some sunscreen/sunglasses/hat and water.

Check out our Impeach page! http://www.codepinkalert.org/section.php?id=24


Winter said...


Mystic Wing said...

Bush was on Charlie Rose the other night, and I had the horrible eerie feeling I was watching Nixon in the final days of his insanity.

Would that we could.

Stacy said...

Winter- does this mean you won't go for me? I don't want to go out with you anymore, when I am gay that is, I changed my mind. But I will still love you.

Mystic- Seems relevant. Thanks for the would/ could.