when words fail me, which is often, I paint. When words work for me and are available on time, I am surprised.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Mercury Retrograde

Due to circumstances beyond our control all communications will be frustrating and screwed up until Monday July 23rd.

Your hour long drive to work will take an hour and forty five minutes as you are stuck behind a diesel puking behemoth for the greater part of your journey.

You will ride a telephone trail for two hours to then be disconnected. You will be trying to reach a person who works in the correct department of your credit card company to let them know that the payment you've made to your business account has been applied to your personal account.

You will arrive at your office to find the company books have freakishly rolled backwards six weeks in time. You will call the software company and receive a message that they are too busy to help you now.

You will call the College where your son will be attending in less than 2 months in order to determine how much deeper into debt you will be going this semester and the phone will ring continuously for thirty minutes before you give up and hang up.

You will remember at the last minute that you may not have made a company credit card payment online which is due this weekend and you attempt to log on and receive a message that they are experiencing a high volume of traffic on their site, please try again later.

Repeat after me: Ahhh-Ommm, Ahh-Oom

Mercury is really screwing with me, hope you are all remaining unaffected by this frustrating force of communications, travel and technology. Be safe. I am not coming back until it's over. . . well maybe not that long, who knows.


Matt said...

Sometimes, you really can't win.

You are stymied at every turn, no matter how much you wish to retire that night with a sense of accomplishment. You walk away.

I had a day like that once as a writer when I experienced a chain of defeat that lasted hours upon hours. A file needs to be opened, edited and converted in another program, using a different platform--which is on one of my other work computers. Then Outlook email craps out, followed by two of my three pen drives (the third is now locked in a filing cabinet, to which only my coworker has the key and she's out to lunch and I've left a message on her cell but it's off and she forgot her Blackberry here.)

et cetera.

Just call it a day, really.

tom said...

Have you ever heard of the Cosmic Muffin..he was a syndicated astrologer on radio...I always remember him saying "Mercury is in Retrograde" it was a crazy Friday!!

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Hope it all gets sorted out soon -- I know how frustrating it is to seem like everything is moving backwards rather than forwards.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Hope is has all passed by now Stacy. Love the new look of your blog.

Jerri said...

Even on a terrible, no-good day like this one, you're smart and funny. That's got to count for something!