when words fail me, which is often, I paint. When words work for me and are available on time, I am surprised.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Get Off The Bus-Gus /email to Jerri

HI Jerri,
I am so happy for all of the intense things you have been up to lately. (writers workshop, meeting with friends, travel)
After posting a comment on your Blog yesterdayReflections On The Pond about getting off the bus early and taking a new way home, I dreamt last night of the very drama.

I was in my blind mother's house. I wanted to work on the computer. Some creepy guy was in the room with computer so i went to her secret hidden room. I had to crawl through a hidden tiny doorway to enter and the room walls were lined with fireplaces and there were fires in them. I thought , this isn't safe, blind mother in crowded fire filled room.

I used her computer but i think i had to put it on the floor, desk too cluttered. Anyway-to make it brief, i was supposed to get on the bus to go to the burbs, but there were so many buses and so few of them went there and i couldn't find the right bus so i just got on any city bus and while riding realized it would be fun to get off anywhere.

So I did. I was walking down city streets and up a steel outdoor staircase and met a man with a sculpted head in his hand. He was reciting poetry and descending the stairs. We began to talk and i woke up.

I feel the need to do something completely spontaneous and different.Exciting, like you have been doing.
Lots of love to you-Stacy


thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

I'm thinking of taking a spontaneous trip this weekend. Or maybe next weekend. YOu know... so I have time to plan.

Jerri said...

And what did this dream mean to you?

It's fascinating, but I'm confused. Did you work some spontaneity into your schedule?

Stacy said...

I think my mother is other's expectations of me are not always best for me. The secret room, escape into new deeper meaning.
The bus and the poet, yes, feeling bored. I am a runaway. I love to go off on foot and see what happens next and who I meet. Have I done it? Only in my day dreams, but I have taken more time to paint than I had been allowing. That helps, some.