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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Family Reunion

Now that I am back, I still do not have time to talk about all of the things I wanted to. I set the lye to work(time to make soap), packed up the old dishes, cleaned up the new ones and set the table and placed a vase of blue Bachelor's buttons surrounded by large golden Black Eyed Susans in the center of the table.

When I was a kid I thought they were "Black-Guy Susans" and I remember throwing several tantrums as we drove along the freeway because my mother would not stop the car and let me pick them where they grew on the median strips.

She was such a bitch!

I packed my violin (afternoon lesson)and freed up the washing machine where a string got stuck in the spinning thing, somewhere in there I had a bath and got dressed and did my daily Taro reading.

Today will be a good day,we are leaving our old fears behind.

I drove to the office and I realized that I have not been here in seven days so I wont be able to talk about the reunion or the disturbing newsflash I caught a glimpse of on the CNN loop this morning.

I only have 3 minutes and I am a slow keyboarder, but I cannot go without saying this anyway.

Evidence was found that linked a woman who is currently in prison for murdering her boyfriend to the bombing murder of an Erie Pa. man in 2003. (Erie always seemed like an ominous place to me )

A pizza delivery man delivered a pizza, was robbed and somehow a bomb was placed around his neck like a necklace and he was shown sitting in front of a police car on the ground. Obviously the man was agitated and was said to have been screaming, "Get this thing off of me, it's going to blow"

The man exploded and the funny thing is-yep, here is something funny- The CNN gargoyle said that they now have reason to believe the man's story, that he did not put this bomb on himself. For what reason? To get attention? For Christ's sake! I do not recall hearing this story when it occurred, I could have done without hearing about it now. Why watch the news? What good does it do?

I could lead in to a family story here, about a relative who desperately needed a job so he put a wad of duct tape around his neck and walked into a car dealership demanding a job or he'd blow the place up, but I don't have time.

I could tell you about all the food, laughter, pranks, and booze and lots of funny children at the reunion but like I said-

Like good Southerners however, we did check in on Uncle Bobby. It was kind of him to put us up in his fine establishment. Could be worse, it could be Arlington Cemetery, right?



thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

I read a bit of that story yesterday -- if that guy was "in" on it, that was one heckuva risk to take.

tom said...

I was in Erie once and I drove by the Erie Cemetary and I thought , what an appropriate name...