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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hit and So What?

As I was walking into my shop this morning an unenlightened individual was backing into a parking space, in front of the shop. The driver was not looking out for pedestrians and I was not looking for cars to back into me as I passed the line of view. The car hit me, I swear it was surreal. I felt it touch my side and I slammed my fist down on trunk of the car and yelled "Jesus Christ". I know I should not shout the Lord's name when I think I am going to die, or should I?
The driver, a late to middle aged woman slammed on her brakes, then proceeded with her parking job. I stood, staring at the car from my front door. There was an elderly woman in the passengers seat. We all made eye contact. I thought they would say something, like, are you okay or I didn't see you, something. . . but no. They parked the car, walked down the street to the store and I thought it was all very strange. And then!
The old passenger baglady walked into my shop and asked how much a mans haircut would cost. I told her as I looked at her incredulously, it would be 15.00$.
She said, "the lady who used to cut his hair (her husband)moved away, she only charged 8.00$."
"So what" Thats all I had to say.

BTW, I happen to know the local lady who cut hair out of her house, no overhead who charged 8.00. She's a hack, always has been and isn't anymore because she had to move and get a real job where she could have benefits. She is not cutting anyones hair for 8.00 anymore. So what.


Michelle O'Neil said...

I hope you didn't get hurt?

M@ said...

I think $15 is more than reasonable. Elderly people....

Stacy said...

Thank you Michelle, it happened fast and they were moving so slow, I think I just got my feelings hurt.

M@-that is not the point. She backed her car into me and then accused me of acting without regard to her needs. I was so maD!

Jerri said...

I'm glad to know you're all right, Stacy. And OUTraged that someone could hit you with an automobile and not even ask if you're okay.

I'm pretty sure Jesus understands why you yelled his name.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my. What a day you had. That lady gets an F minus for life.