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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Absence Excuse

Please excuse Stacy from her absence from Blogger since Friday, September 21. Stacy and her mate were in desperate need of R&R, they went camping . . . at an historic hotel /resort... in the mountains... they ate caviar and Salmon, and scrumptious feasts for every meal. They slept like bears deep in hibernation. They lit the fire in the gas log fireplace in their log cabin, with the flick of a switch. The over-sized bath with jacuzzi tub, the wrap around porch with wooden rocking chairs and benches... overlooking the spring fed lake...the perfect fall weather, the clear blue skies...
Camping just does not get any better than that. It just doesn't.

For those of you wanting to hear some of those stories, from Midwifery school on the border, like the time I pre-paid a man to watch my babies while I was at the clinic three 24 hr. shifts plus per week, who took my money but failed to show up to our apartment in the morning. I saw his sketch years later on America's Most Wanted. He was involved in a mass murder (3 or 4 people) (does that make a mass murder?),at a bowling alley in Las Cruces NM. He didn't have me fooled for a minute.
I am gathering, but once again off to job number 3 for the day before I can go home.
More later.
I miss you all and happy Equinox, hooray!


M@ said...

Shady guy. I once partied with a murderer at our high school prom party.

Dariya said...

It sounds like fun. Unfortunately, I don't like outdoor activities.