when words fail me, which is often, I paint. When words work for me and are available on time, I am surprised.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

These Dreams

I am holding her head in my hands, she is Hispanic, dark skinned and my friend. I am using a healing technique that i use in my waking life which is similar to the cranial sacral work which has become so popular. I shift my hands around the right side of her head and she says that is where the pain or problem is. I feel it shift under my hands and then I ask her if she would like to know what the right side of her head said to me. She said yes. I recited in a poetic manner words of beauty. Images of birds in sunlight, kites,balloons, things that elevate into the sky. There was a sense that this person was loosing sight of or had seemed to have forgotten about the magic and beauty in life. I then felt intense pain in the right side of my own head. It hurt so damnded bad that I woke up. After a while I managed to get back to sleep and slept the headache off. The next morning, as I was driving to work, I noticed that the top of my head hurt. Not a headache per say, but it felt like I had been hit on the head with a 2X4, or maybe a falling piano. There was a bump down the center of my head. At first I wondered whose pain I may have taken on in my dream, I don't always dream my own stuff. Hours later, I met Avi, my favorite son (relax, they are both my favorite, it's a joke)to work on some homework at the computer lab. "Hey Avi, do you have a headache?" I asked him.
"Last night I did" He said.
Me: "On the top of your head?"
Him: "No on the right side, but the top of my head is sore now."

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