when words fail me, which is often, I paint. When words work for me and are available on time, I am surprised.

Monday, October 30, 2006


Just a quick stop to check on the renovations of my new future barber shop. I pulled into a non-descript little driveway between two vacant buildings and parked my car. Who would notice?
"Here's the new barber pole, yes that's good... flooring.. " and then I saw Frankie. Ms. Southern Pretentiousness herself, in her shiny new PT Cruiser. She beeped the horn at my vacant car in front of her clandestine parking place. Immediately I went to my car, keys in hand. She said something to let me know that I was inconveniencing her. I said I didn't know she parked back there. I moved my car.
I drove north on the 2 lane. Not more than ten miles up the road I pulled into the gas station; or I attempted to. Several huge paving trucks pulled in before me. The workmen all jumped out of the vehicles and headed for the feed bar. One scruffy dude looked back and realized that they had me blocked in the entrance, I couldn't get around them. They had me blocked. I thought to myself, no, I said out loud, "Idiots".
Scruffy dude told the biggest blockader that he was blocking me. He pulled forward, his truck filled a quarter of the parking lot. I was inconvenienced for approximately as long as I had inconvenienced Ms. Southern Pretentious.
I appreciate quick paybacks.


Hari Har said...

did you get my message?

Michelle O'Neil said...

Ha! Very funny.

Why did the lady think she "owned" the spot?

Oh and what about how nice the guy was to point out you were being blocked? Love to him!

Stacy said...

HHK, no, what message, you found the site, NOW go paint something!

Michelle O- because she and her husband think they own the entire town; but I was blocking the driveway. I know, I shouldn't be so judgemental and call people names but I had PMS!-Love to you both