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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Stranger In the Night

In August 2004, several news media outlets[4] reported that a wild black bear was found passed out after drinking about 36 cans of beer in Baker Lake, Washington, USA. The bear opened a camper's cooler and used its claws and teeth to puncture the cans. It was found the bear selectively opened cans of Rainier Beer and left all but one Busch beer unconsumed.(retrieved from http://www.Wickipedia.com)

Another sleepless night, for Tate.
I can sleep through anything.
When I was a kid, I slept through a house fire, but that's another story for some other time.

Billy Bob barked all night long. The air was cool and Fall had begun; the window above our bed was open all night.

Bark, bark, bark. . .
all night long. . .
at what?
That was the question we had in the morning. And then we saw it. All of the bird feeders that Tate tends to diligently had been torn from the tree limbs. One feeder sits on a pole and is constructed of heavy duty fiberglass,it was torn apart and mangled.
The cat was hiding behind the barn; something we never see normally.
Paw prints, scratch marks, it was a bear.
That was three nights ago.
The next night after Tate restored the feeders to their proper places (if they were not destroyed) and coerced them back into shape, the barking began again. This night however, the barker stayed on the porch. In the morning, the destruction was re-created.
Bird feeders down, mangled, and empty.
Billy-Bob brought us a present though, you know, to compensate for the fact that a one hundred pound dog is no appropriate match for a three hundred pound Black Bear. But he kept us up at night barking, for the past three nights, in case we wanted to go toe -to- toe with the beast ourselves.
No he didn't catch the bear, but he brought us a baby rabbit instead.
That makes up for everything right?

Post note: Tate saw the bear this morning before sunrise. It was in front of the house (near the bird feeder) not ten feet away from the front door. Billy Bob, aka Bo-Bo, was in its' face, chasing him and barking and nipping at him.
I am concerned. I think we should feed it. It's time to hunker down for the Winter, but what if I don't have any donuts one day? What then? The beer cooler? No way!


Michelle O'Neil said...


Jerri said...

Don't feed the bears!

It' not kind, Stacy. Not really. They come to equate humans and human dwellings with food and eventually they run into humans without as much empathy as you. Then they wind up dead.

On another note: you slept through a house fire? Really, the more hints you drop, the more I want to know.

Stacy said...

Michelle-I know!

Jerri- you are right, we figured if we fed it, it would probably never be enough, then there'd be trouble. But we've already had a great deal of trouble this morning. Next post is Bobo and the bear, part 2. Eight hundred dollars at the Vet and still counting. Lots of stitches. That's really sad.

ds said...

my dog brought home a whole nest of baby rabbits one time. she never had pups and we figured it was some kind of maternal thing. she was nice with them and I tracked their nest up in the woods and put them all back. I can't remember anything after that. never any bears though. north west indiana and all. northern pikes and barn owls

Stacy said...

ds-that wass really sweet of you, to put them babies back

Jerri said...

Poor, poor Bobo. Kiss him on the nose for me, and tell us the story when you have time.

M@ said...

That story about the Rainier beer is true and is fairly renowned.

I think that's hilarious!

Laura said...

Yikes! Scare me! I hear you on the expensive vet bills - our dog Sally had a freak accident at the kennel over Christmas, and somehow managed to fall and slip or herniate a disk in her neck. That was expensive, and she wasn't so fast to recover. Lots of carrying her around in a doggy sling. Thank God she's only 60 pounds! She's back to tricks now, but I hope we don't ever see a bear in our yard!

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Is there anyway to keep him/her away from your house -- and your dog?