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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Might Be A Sign

Oh the human existence. The body must be fed, clothed, bathed, teeth brushed, hair shampooed, parts deodorized . . . Seems like I spend hours maintaining this body in order to go out into the world to earn money to take care of the very same body, The endless cycle. I remember when I was waiting tables in Colonial Williamsburg, mobcap, wool socks and all and having this conversation about the required black shoes. "I have to make the money waiting tables so I can afford to buy the black sneaker. If I don't have the black shoes, I can't make the money" Its an endless cycle of care, and for what? I like the idea of people kibble, fifty pound sacks of quickly assimilated people nutrients. You can grab a handful and keep going. I know all you foodies out there are horrified, but really; plan the shopping list and the meal. Go to the store, maintain the car and the payments to get there and shop in vivid and smelly overwhelming markets. Panic at all the choices and the prices and the neighbor that has threatened to eat your dog. . .
Take it home, store it in the fridge, cupboards, maintain proper temperatures. Maintain the mortgage. Go to work, after caring for the body. Cook the food, eat it in 15 minutes, then clean up for an hour.
I would rather grab a handful of kibble.
Life has been full on BUSY lately. Not complaining but...
Yesterday as I was doing the body care thing I grabbed the zinc free natural deodorant for my underarms and rubbed it into my forehead.
Might be a sign, you think? I just might be a bit overwhelmed with all these human details.


rick prose said...

hey, babe, take the link to my brctv blog off (you can leave it linked to the web site), but you can add my new blog and the lowernine.org web site.
new blog is: lowernine.blogspot.com

Laura said...

I'm in for kibble! This morning I gave Hutton his supplements, and realized the first one was some herbal ear drops, not the one I thought it was. Oops! At least it was a garlic and mullein based ear drop, and not something that would make him sick after I dripped a few drops in his mouth.

Then, off to the school Halloween party, forgetting the special gluten, dairy and corn free rice crispy treats I'd made last night for the party, so Hutton would be able to have a treat that won't make him crazy. Oh well. Guess we get to see just how bad corn syrup is for him later! (Or, is it garlic and mullein ear drops taken orally that really change his behavior?)

Jerri said...

But did you head sweat?

Michelle O'Neil said...

hey, babe, I'm wishing we could go out for kibble sometime.