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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bobo and the Bear, part II

Bobo is a teddy bear of an animal. He gets confused,sometimes he thinks he is a Black Bear. Sometimes he thinks he can wrestle with other Black Bears and he can play with them any time he wants to... or, that's what he used to think. I hope.
Sunday morning he entered the bedroom trailing a small beach of sand on his paws. "billy bob, could you bring in any more dirt on your paws this morning?" I asked him as he sat and stared at me with his innocent expression, and then. . . I saw it. A wide canyon gash the length of his forearm. It was oozing but not pouring blood. Apparently the artery was spared. We rushed him to the emergency Vet by 9:00 on Sunday morning. I picked him up (an hour away from home, only day off per week)and returned home with a seriously groggy and sore baby by 9:00pm. I wanted to take his picture with the plastic lampshade he is supposed to wear, but he won't let me near him with it. He is way too debonair for that sort of nonsense.
Today is Wednesday. This morning he went back to chasing squirrels. You cant keep a good Bobo down, no-one can, not even a bear.


Jerri said...

Oh, poor baby. His little shaved leg makes me so sad.

Here's hoping he learned his lesson.

ds said...

poor guy. suppose you gotta learn sometime. glad he's ok.


tom said...

Hey BoBo let's go get some picnic baskets, oops that was Boo Boo...Glad Bobo is OK

Mr Tom said...

Stacy, your posts are as welcome as warm socks. Thanks for reading...I'm keeping up with yours too, but your links always end up taking me away from posting anything on this lovely page. Five Stars.

Across the miles, Mr Tom

Michelle O'Neil said...

Ouch! It hurts me just looking at it.

Laura said...

Get well soon, Bobo! You look very tough, if it makes you feel better!

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

I'm so glad he's OK -- poor thing.