when words fail me, which is often, I paint. When words work for me and are available on time, I am surprised.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Lady In the Court

She bathes early in the morning,
and puts her long dark hair in a twist upon her head.
Padded brassiere
Catholic cross;not Celtic, talisman around her neck.
See through flowery blouse, like the one Eunice(the Carol Burnett character) might wear to the mask.
Lipstick, glossy and red
"If you beg the court, they usually reduce your penalty"- her friends tell her.
She believes them.
She is beckoned to appear before his royal Highness
Buzzhead, nearby
How do you plea? He commands
Quaking in her sandals she replies "Both, guilty and not guilty, your royalness. You see, I was in a hurry and I know I was going too fast, but I do not believe I would have been going that fast. I would be frightened(snicker)".
His smile is an upside down smile, only the curve at the top center of his lips let on, he is amused.
"I do not make the rules of the kingdom, little waif, I only interpret them. You were flying in your chariot and all the fake boobs, slutty makeup, eye battin and talismans in the world aren't gonna change that.
Pay the clerk, full charge.


Jerri said...

The guy must have been made of stone. You cuted up must be pretty tough to resist.

Laura said...

Oh no! I've always heard going to court = reduced fines, too. Oh well. The judge must have been gay to be able to resist your wiles! ;)