when words fail me, which is often, I paint. When words work for me and are available on time, I am surprised.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Truth be told, ever since my grade school girlfriend, whom I had not seen in thirty plus years, found my blog; ever since she told me there were threads on facebook with numerous old grade school friends asking "what ever happened to Stacy Sheer" last October, I have been remiss- in writing- and blogging.
I've been working on pre reqs for grad school which meant lots of art and painting and my writing about the unfolding of my so called life has been reduced to simple one liners on facebook.
It's kind of a shame- because-
Here are some of the amazing events which I have failed to write about:
1)In April, Avi(my favorite son) came in from NYC and ran the Charlottesville Marathon- 26 miles in good stride. I cried. (There is a UTUBE video of the cville marathon if you want to see- me cry that is).
2) In May I finished the last pre-req for the art therapy master of arts art therapy program at Saint Mary of the Woods College- Indiana.
3) In May one of my paintings was hung in a juried show where for every one artist submissions accepted, 5 were not.
4) In May- I received the Chica Tenney scholarship for the arts at our local community college- which I love- so I can take one more class there this fall.
5)IN MAY- WILEY (my other favorite son) GRADUATED COLLEGE AT VCU IN RICHMOND!!!!!!!
Could there be anything else I failed to write about? seriously. . .(I cried at this too and there's a Utube of Wiley doing the walk on my utube page)

-In June I received the phone call I have been accepted to grad school,I begin the end of July.(I cry when I think about how much money this is going to cost and the thought of APA research papers and thesis writing- yeah just kidding who would cry over that)?
-I recently completed the Hospice volunteer training and am awaiting my first assignment.
-I've had drama with hair salon/barber employees which is not worth writing about, but it hurt my soul.
-I've assisted at one birth in the past year and have given up midwifing for the current epoch.
The Universe which seems to be my dream has been teaching me some kick ass lessons lately and I am opening my ears to listen.
so.. . that's enough of some of the stuff you missed.
Now, I have 2 stories to tell today and about an hour to tell them in. So
I better hurry, and don't you worry, they are- all about me.
Feels good to come back.

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fullsoulahead.com said...

Wow! You have been busy. Wishing you all the best and congrats on so many wonderful occassions to celebrate!