when words fail me, which is often, I paint. When words work for me and are available on time, I am surprised.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pure Prose

If his name wasn't Prose, would he still be the beautiful poet that he is?
I don't have too much to say today so I give the floor to Rick.

After viewing this one, you may wish I hadn't but. . .
Comments seem to be missing, now that I finally figured out how to link. Is Mercury retrograde again?

can't remember who i've sent the link below, just another bit of video we shot in new orleans last month. pass it along, if enough people respond maybe my brother will finally get the help he needs...


Rick Prose

New Orleans


Stacy said...

Okay, that's fixed and the New Orleans link at the bottom works. I am a technical wizard!

Matt said...

That your man? I met him.

Stacy said...

Rick or Beaudro Matt? and yes