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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Beating A Dead Horse

Horses have been visiting in the night time, but that's not food for thought today. The dead horse is the inability I have had to drop this insane micro mental battle with the head of the Human Services department and the professor of the two classes I am currently enrolled in. People come in to get their hair cut, I ask their opinion, most side with me(I use razors and shears in my work). I began wondering yesterday, if she was still thinking about the tiff we had, whether she might be realizing she has some compulsion to be correct and right at all times and that maybe it bordered on neurotic behavior. Behavior to equal my obsessiveness, it could be possible.
On Monday I saw her present documents to our class with a typo in them. She read the notes while being broadcast live, and read the notes as if there was no typo; it instead of if. I saw a wave of shame or humility pass over her face, she knew I was watching.
Yesterday afternoon I pulled our class website /communication board up on my laptop. There was an announcement from Dr.P, our professor. She stated that she had a sudden medical emergency and would be gone for an unknown period of time, someone else would be teaching our class.
I am not saying another word about it, not one more.

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Michelle O'Neil said...

Funny how whenever I'm set on being "right" I never wind up feeling so good later.

If I am right, that makes someone else wrong. If we truly are all connected, which we are, then I only hurt myself when I have to be "right."

It only takes one person to drop their end of the rope and it looks like you've done that. Good for you Stacy! We all do it and it's just another opportunity to live & learn!