when words fail me, which is often, I paint. When words work for me and are available on time, I am surprised.

Monday, January 01, 2007


"There's alot going on underground . . ." (Tom Waits)
Tate went to his sister's house in southern Va. for the New Year holiday. Even though I love going to Abingdon and being with Tate, I opted to stay home to get some work done in his office. End of the year organizing and taxes have to be done sometime and time is getting a bit scarce now. I took advantage of my aloneness yesterday; I taught myself the Hebrew aleph-Bet while taking a 4 hour bath. I read my emails and looked at friend's Blogs. I procrastinated getting a canvas out of the basement. It's weird, the hesitation and the fear before I get settled in to a canvas. What is it that would make me, who loves to paint, always hesitate to sit down at the easel? Finally set up, but inspiration was hard to come by. I pulled out some photo albums, looking for one of those photos I take for future painting subjects. I don't feel like painting the dog, who is the only available model. No, no self portrait today, maybe later. Then, I remember this photo I saved from a power point presentation given by Henry Reed.

Shamanism and Water
A presentation by Henry Reed
(I am having difficulty getting this to link,sorry)

"Water and shamanism have much in common. In this slide show, presented at the annual Schwartz Report Conference at A.R.E. on the theme of the Secret Life of Water, Henry explores the various shamanic activities water invites."

I really love Henry's work.
I stared at this photo for a few minutes, I entered the cave and went underground as Henry has taught me. I proceeded to paint for six or seven hours.Thank you Henry for being an inspirational guide.


Michelle O'Neil said...

Awesome Stacy! I hope you post pictures of what you painted in the cave?

Do you have public art shows anywhere?

I love your work.

Stacy said...

I will attempt the digital thing in the morning. I have not had a show in nearly 10 years. I may get to show again this year. I need to do something, running out of wall space. Love to you.

Stacy said...

I love Henry Reed's work too.