when words fail me, which is often, I paint. When words work for me and are available on time, I am surprised.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Three BT's

I stumbled upon Claire's blog site a few weeks ago, Three Beautiful Things. I have added her link to my page. Claire is a fabulous writer and diligently blogs everyday, if that's what you want to call it. Blog is not really a pretty enough word to describe her site. Everyday, no matter how tedious, boring, or even horrible it may have been she recalls 3 things that have given her pleasure. Often these things are stated in the most poetic manner. She has a readership of thousands and it is obvious why. Also, what is really cool about Claire and her idea is that she encourages other people to state 3Bts, kind of like plagiarizing her idea but not. She reminds us all to appreciate the miracles no matter how small we tend to overlook each day.After we write our 3BT's, we send them to her and she links our sites on her home page. Claire absolutely rocks!
Now, here goes:

1. While driving home from school today, the wind was blowing at a furious speed.I turned a corner where there had been a strong odor of skunk the day before. I forgot to hold my breath and smelled Iris blooms on the wind instead.
2. Thinking about the beautiful giraffe in my dream the other night and remembering how soft it was when it collapsed on top of me.
3.Seeing more than one comment on some of my recent blogs.


rickprose said...

the last sentence of #1 best thing is actually a haiku, poetry just seems to roll off your pen, my friend, or in this case, your furiously typing fingers.

i forgot to hold
my breath, and smelled iris blooms
on the wind instead


rickprose said...
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Michelle O'Neil said...

LOVE the giraffe dream! Also love the gratitude idea.

Hello from Julia said...

I'm looking around to see if anyone else is doing Three Good Things. I found yours linking from Three Beautiful Things, which I just discovered tonight. These are very positive sites. Come check out my blog http://3for365.blogspot.com (your feedback is welcome). May I link your site to mine? -Julia